Summer Update

Having been away from blogging for a few weeks, its time to hop back on as the season approaches. There are big plans in place for the site over the coming season, with a new layout already in place to mark the new season.

New Signings

Bundesliga team of the year full back Sead Kolasinac at face value is a great signing, whilst being relatively unknown among most English fans, the Bosnian has impressed many in Germany, and 24 years old there is time for Kolasinac to reach his potential. Honestly, I’ve not much or really anything, but apparently he is a more aggressive style full back in comparison to Monreal. With Gibbs seemingly on the way out, it seems like a good transfer, considering it was done for free.

The star signing, so far at least, is of course Alexandre Lacazette, who after two years of speculation has joined for a record fee. This is an exciting signing, in pre-season he has been deployed behind Giroud, and this is the sort of partnership I have been calling Wenger to use as really Giroud needs another player with him to play off of as a target man. I do expect Lacazette to start up top on his own however come the start of the season.

Sanchez and Oxlade-Chamberlain

Had we not signed Lacazette, I would have said a straight swap with Aguero would be a superb deal, a rumour that seems to be milling around. Now however, that deal has less attraction, although I do think Arsenal should consider the option of a straight swap, Douglas Costa at Bayern Munich could’ve been an option. This way we are guaranteed a player of similar quality to fill the gap left by Alexis, and of course needless to say losing Sanchez would weaken the side significantly and he would need replacing. It seems reminiscent of the van Persie, Nasri and Fabregas sagas to some extent, the continual dragging on makes it feel more inevitable, and I am certainly unconfident that we will hold onto our best player.

Concerning too is the negative contract talks surrounding Oxlade-Chamberlain, it also seems odd. The Englishman has been linked with Chelsea and Liverpool, when I first heard the reports I was shocked, it doesn’t seem obvious to me why he would leave Arsenal, he finished last year in great form and in some ways a drop down to Europa League could provide him with greater opportunity to gather consistency which some criticise him of. Last year Chamberlain was our second best player, and Arsenal must keep hold of him, he is certainly yet to reach his potential which he has shown flickers in the most recent season.

Projects for the Blog

So what’s different this year for ClockEndTom?

There will be a new section dedicated to Matchday bites, where we will be trying out the eateries around the Emirates and find the best place eating and trying to avoid the ridiculous prices of food in the Emirates. Analysis of games will continue, hopefully on a more consistent level. Another section that hopefully will be launched is a history thread, in which we will challenge conceptions about the club and scrutinise myths surrounding the club.

Should be a big season ahead, with increased content.


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